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What is the Cornwall Town Court?

The Cornwall Town Court is the court of primary jurisdiction for the Town of Cornwall and the Village of Cornwall on Hudson. All residents of the Town and Village are eligible to vote.

This court arraigns all crimes (including the most serious felonies) allegedly committed in the town or village, and adjudicates misdemeanors, traffic infractions and other violations. In addition to criminal jurisdiction the court also has jurisdiction to hear and determine civil actions where the amount in controversy does not exceed $3,000 exclusive of interest and costs, summary landlord-tenant proceedings, and applications to grant or modify orders of protection in sensitive family disputes. In civil and criminal cases alike, the court must be prepared to select fair juries, appoint interpreters, decide pre-trial motions, conduct trials, render evidentiary rulings, issue written opinions, prepare records of proceedings for appellate review and generally supervise the effective operation of their courts.

There are two justices of the Town Court who hear these matters for the Town and Village. The term of office is four years. The decision to be made by the voter is which candidate offers the preferred qualifications for making the judicial decisions and managing the judicial functioning outlined above for the upcoming years.